Capitol Clothing Recyclers                   Phone:800-734-1183

We collect clothing in any quantity

Every week we collect thousands of pounds of clothing from our
recycling programs.

We weigh all the clothing received from our recycling partners to
calculate the amount of money to be paid for the donated items.
Payment is made monthly for every pound of clothing collected.

All you have to do is send us an email
Email US, schedule a
pickup via our website or give us a call at 800-734-1183

It is just that easy.
Where does this clothing go?

We are in the business of supplying thrift stores and overseas customers with the highest quality
second hand clothing. The clothing is giving a less fortunate person the opportunity to dress for less.

This movement of recycling clothing has created hundreds of jobs in the US
and in 3rd world countries, and kept those items out of our landfills in the US.

The clothing we recycle has a great impact on our environment.  Millions of pounds of reusable and
recyclable clothing and textiles are being thrown into your local landfills each and every day.

Our program makes it easy for individuals, non-profits, and for profit companies to give unwanted
clothing and shoes a second life.